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Germany, June 2006. Connecting with New Cousins

Weiss cousins in Anna Thomas’s apartment, Usingen, Germany

A great meal in the home of Frieda and Alexander Marte in Kaufungen

Merv, Eugen, Frieda, Patti, Alexander (Sasha) Marte

Merv with sisters Ida and Frieda, daughters of Anton Weiss

Merv and Ida Vetsch on the Rhine River in Köln

In Ida’s apartment in Leverkusen

Great-Grandmother Luise Weiss with most of her family

Adolf, Merv, Victor and Alexander Weiss in Speyer

Adolf, Lydia and Luise in Adolf’s apartment

Albert Vetsch and Merv in front of the church in Neeweiler, Alsace

Street scene in Niederlauterbach, Alsace, the ancestral home of my Vetsch family

Albert and Valentinna Vetsch, main gates at Dachau

Merv with Johann Derzap and Albert Vetsch in München

Family Flemmer, Satteldorf

Merv and Patti with Jakob and Emma

Merv and Jakob Weiss, Satteldorf