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GERMANY. October, 2007

Jakob and Emma Weiss, Satteldorf,Germany.

Luise Weiss, Speyer, Germany. Luise died in January, 2008, three months after this visit..

Merv, Viktor, Adolf and Alexander Weiss.

Dossenheim, Germany, the ancestral home of my Schafer family. Unfortunately, the museum was closed..

Dossenheim cemetery. My ancestor Anton Schafer was born in Dossenheim in 1763. He was baptised "Karl Anton".

Heidelberg Schloss. Dossenheim is only 10 kilometers north of Heidelberg.

Looking across the Neckar River up into the hills towards Dossenheim.

The village of Plittersdorf, Rastatt district of Baden, immediately across the Rhine River from Seltz, Alsace, France.

Front of the Catholic Church in Seltz, Alsace. My Weiss and Fetsch ancestors came from Alsace.

Interior of the Church.

Enjoying a pleasant Autumn walk with Ida Vetsch in Leverkusen. I forget the legend about the milkmaid and her cow who once saved Leverkusen!

Usingen. Anna Thomas, dau of Friedrich Thomas and Brigetta Weiss.

Kaufungen. Ida and Frieda, daughters of Anton Weiss and Maria Usselman.

Schwetzingen. L-R. Maria Walter, grand-daughter of Genovieve Weiss.
Hilda Stezura, grand-daughter of Elisabeth Weiss.
Merv Weiss, grandson of Konrad Weiss
Maria Müller, grand-daughter of Elisabeth Weiss
Valentina Stezura, grand-daughter of Brigetta Weiss