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Trip to Ukraine in June, 2006 with Robert Schneider Tours

Arcadia Beach, Odessa city

Kandel Church, (St. Michael’s), Kutschurgan district

Luisa Riesling, Merv, Sergey Y. Zharikov, Mayor of Selz

Merv standing outside the Selz cathedral

Cindy Hoff singing “The Lord’s Prayer” inside the Selz Cathedral

Visiting Frau Eva Sander and her daughter Vera in Selz

Visiting Nikolai and Maria Kuzub in Krasna, Bessarabia

Friend Val Ingram with her brother and sister, Edward and Emma Renner (who live in Kramatorsk, Ukraine) in front of the Renner Chutor

Ludmilla Lutz and her family in Ochakow, near Nikolaev

Olga Fromm, Johannestal, (Ivanovka)

Ludmilla Safranovna, Nikolaev Archives

The Steppe, natural and un-touched, Askania Nova

Konstantin Ponomarenko, overlooking Swallow’s Nest, Yalta

Konstantin, Livadia Palace grounds, Yalta

Larissa, and Merv, with brothers Victor and Konstantin Ponomarenko

Beautiful Crimea