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  • Franz Tichy, abt 1795, likely in Moravia, Austrian Empire (Slovakia)
  • Anton Tichy, abt 1823, Glückstal, Odessa district
  • Joseph Tichy, abt. 1850-1899. born in South Russia. Died in Taku-Eli, Crimea
  • Elisabeth Tichy, 1892 - 1943, born Lvove Colony, Kherson-- maternal grandmother
  • Rosie Schafer, 1923 - 1990, born Anakoj- Eli, Crimea -- mother
  • Mervin Weiss, 1949 --, born Prelate, Saskatchewan

    It has taken me a long time to piece together this family tree. I know from my grandmother's patronymic that her father's name was Joseph, as it was written on Elizabeth's Russian passport in 1924. I know her mother's name from the Ship's record at the time of immigration, and and from the signature on the back of a photo.

    The Russian Cyrillic, translated reads, "Ivan Josephovitch Tichy, Elizabetha, wife, Karolina, Magdalena, Alexander." See photo below. I cannot de-cipher what is written above Magdalena's signature.

    My uncle Jack Schafer's recollection was that his grandfather, ie. his mother's father, was born in Austria. But I know now that Joseph Tichy was born in South Russia, because his father Anton Tichy was born in Glückstal, Odessa district. I know that Anton's father, Franz Tichy, was a village secretary and property manager, rather than a farmer or land-owner. If the Franz Tichy was not a colonist, his citizenship would have been determined by his country of birth. I am assuming he was born in the old province of Galicia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Many such people called themselves Austrians. A search of family surnames in Austria today indicates that "Tichy" was, and is, a common family name.

    Records obtained from the Simferopol and Kherson Archives refer to my Tichy family as Austrians. Because they were never land-owners, they never became Russian citizens. Franz Tichy was a village secretary, and moved around South Russia, spending time in Bessarabia, Glückstal, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson and Crimea. At one point, Franz Tichy worked for the Falz estate, which later became known as the very famous Falz-Fein estate.

    This appears to be a photo of my grandmother's brother, Ivan, and his family, which may have been sent from Russia to my grandmother in Canada, or my grandmother may have brought it with her in 1925. (Ivan is the Slavic variant of Johann.)

    Children of Joseph Tichy and Magdalena Dorn: (married in Kherson Catholic Church Parish 1881)

  • Fyodor (Theodor) - 1888
  • Elisabeth - 1892 - mternal grandmother
  • Joseph - 1893 - abt 1921 - starved to death in the famine following the Russian Revolution
  • Frederick
  • Ivan, or Johann
  • Rose
  • Paulina - 1896, baptism record
  • Nikolai - 1898, baptism record

    Children of Elizabeth Tichy: see Philip Schafer, under Schafer Tree

    A photo of my grandmother Elisabeth Schafer, as a young woman, taken in Russia.

    A photo of my grandfather Philip Schafer, in a Russian uniform, 1912-1918.

    I am guessing that this is a portrait of my great grandmother, Magdalena Tichy, daugther of Johann Dorn and Katharina Meinier (Meinert). Andrew, my oldest Schafer cousin, has this photo.

    Tichy Tree

    Written in Cyrillic on the back-side: �To my dear godchildren Josef
    Tichy and Katharina Filipovna Schafer as a memento.�

    This is a brother to my Grandmother. I believe he is Josef Josefovich Tichy. This photo would have been taken about 1915-1916. He was
    born 16 Nov 1893 in Lvove Colony, Kherson region. He died about 1922 during the famine which followed the Civil War in Ukraine. He married Cecilia Antonovna. I do not know her family name. They had 4 children, one of whom was Peter Josefovich Tichy, born 29 Jan 1922 in Taku-Eli,
    Crimea. In October 1913, I met two of Peter�s children in Germany.
    They are my second cousins.

    Tichy and Merv Weese Tichy Family Member


    See "The Tichy Family of South Russia" printed in GRHS Heritage Review, March 2010. Click here for complete version.